Winter Weather

I keep seeing reports recently that Britain is going to face an arctic winter this year, within weeks in fact so I trotted over to the Met office website to have a look, absolutely nothing significant showing for the next month, average temperatures expected. Can I say that I am gutted about this. There hasn't been a decent cold snowy winter in my area since 1977/8! Now, a lot of the comments I've seen on these 'arctic winter' posts have been about how people will stay warm, and this has me puzzled; Do they not have central heating now? I have it, but rarely use it as I grew up in a house without it and learnt the cheaper ways of keeping warm, another jumper, another blanket, a hot water bottle. I wear leggings under trousers in the winter as an extra layer to trap warmth (I'll even wear tights under the leggings),2 pairs of socks, I wear a sleeveless t-shirt, a standard t-shirt, (a long sleeved t-shirt on really cold days) and a jumper. A big coat, not a little jacket, and finally boots, gloves, scarf and hat. LAYERS! I may well look absolutely ridiculous BUT I haven't had a cold in years, in fact the last time I did was when I used my heating too much! So if this 'big freeze' actually happens you will be able to imagine me sat in front of my computer wrapped in multiple layers of clothing and a big puffy duvet, trying to design some summery pictures. Samantha.