There are massive advantages to being your own boss, this morning reminded me of them. 7.30am Wake up, (you've all been up for hours by this time and are already commuting) 7.45am Shower. 8.00am Breakfast - coffee 8.30am Switch on computer and open curtains 8.35am Notice how windy it is outside 8.40am Open all social media tabs 8.45am Check the news channels for important breaking news 8.50am More coffee 9.00am Open for business (whilst still wearing my dressing gown). Lots of random work including writing this blog post and drinking more coffee 12.00pm Close for business, get dressed and go out... How many of you got blown (what felt like) halfway round the world on your way to work this morning? (UK has very strong winds across the country right now) How smug am I sitting all wrapped up just looking at the wind blowing through the trees across the road? Oh I'm feeling very smug (and snug too) as the wind howls around my home. Although 12.00pm is looming which means I gotta go out! ;) Samantha.