The Website

WEBSITE! I hear you shout, WHAT WEBSITE? Well stop shouting and I'll tell you! Yes we do have a website, you can access it here, and thereby view and purchase our lovely bags. The reason I mentioned the website today is because I want to crow about the fact that I built it, myself, alone, with my poor worn out brain. I know lots of people build their own sites but many use a template or site building service, I didn't, I started a google site and pointed my domain name there and then set about trying to figure out coding etc. if an expert took a look at the coding on there they would probably pull their hair out and to be fair if I could I would have someone look it over and correct some things that slow it down. I see so many small business owners spend a small fortune for a site when they can hardly afford it and then they sit back and expect the sales to just pour in on their own, of course that doesn't happen, there are millions of sites out there now and to be seen you've got to fight, no matter how swanky your website is, nobody will find it unless you shout! Back to that shouting again... Oh well, see you soon! Samantha