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Another week started already!

Can you believe how quickly we are getting through this month? It's really quite mad! Anyway, I have been working on a new project for the Boutique but it is not quite ready to share or announce in detail but I will say this... It is a new line that will utilise all our current designs. I would love to know what you think the new line is so please leave your suggestions in the comments! Samantha


This morning our second newsletter was mailed out to our subscribers, it is a small newsletter for now, just snippets of information and sneaky peeks at the next month's designs and a subscriber only offer, but with me rambling along here would it really be worth putting more into it? I spend a lot of time wondering how big the newsletter should be, too little and its not really a newsletter more like an email flyer, too much and nobody would bother to actually read it, I think I may have gone too small though. Oh well another month to ponder it all and perhaps get it right... Samantha.


Good evening! Guess who nearly forgot about blogging? - No, not me! I wouldn't do that!... Yes alright. *sighs* I am currently sitting next to a very flat spider, it wasn't always flat and has probably been here for some time, (judging by its size) but this evening it made the mistake of running across the wall from one book stack to another - I need more shelves... One of the books from the top of the 'departure' stack found its way into my hand and before the spider knew what was happening, it reached its final destination. There is only so much I will tolerate when it comes to arachnids, and running across the wall in my peripheral vision is a scuttle too far. This occurrence swept all thought of my planned blog post from my mind so I will have to try to remember it for Monday. Samantha.