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Another week started already!

Can you believe how quickly we are getting through this month? It's really quite mad! Anyway, I have been working on a new project for the Boutique but it is not quite ready to share or announce in detail but I will say this... It is a new line that will utilise all our current designs. I would love to know what you think the new line is so please leave your suggestions in the comments! Samantha

Random brain moment

I've been sat looking at this blank blog post for over an hour now, trying to decide what to write about and so far I've got nothing... Well, when I say nothing what I actually mean is there are approximately 100 different thoughts and ideas whizzing through my brain but I can't pick one out. I guess I need more coffee... *Some time later* So! Automatic breadmakers, good or bad thing? Are they destroying the ancient art of making bread? Or are they enabling the modern person to still 'make' bread without affecting their time schedule? I can hear you all asking what on earth this has to do with The Beau Bag Boutique and the answer is - very little, except that we now have a breadmaker and the smell of baking bread is making my mouth water! Samantha.

A new week

Every New Year we celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one with 'New Year Resolutions', get fit, give up smoking, give up caffeine, walk to the shops instead of driving, (you know the type of thing) all of which invariably fail by the middle of January because, be honest, you drive to the shops because it's so darn cold out there, the stress of not having caffeine causing you to smoke twice as many and that causes you to go back on the caffeine! You've not re-mentioned the 'get fit' I hear you mutter, well be truthful now that was a big fat lie wasn't it? So how do I combat this and relate it to the boutique? Well each week is a 'New Year' I make resolutions that have to last just 7 days (much more realistic and manageable), they are generally simple, get 3 designs completed this week, stay positive this week, only drink 4 coffees each day this week (well there has to be 1 I fail at!) With this in mind I opened Facebook and Twitter this morning, prepared with a lovely funny picture and amusingly cheerful greeting, the first thing I saw however was the news that actress Lynda Bellingham had lost her fight with cancer and had not managed to survive for one more Christmas with her family. My witty and cheerful posts were dumped, I did not have the heart to post them, instead I posted about Lynda and shed a tear or two for her family. Now to get back on track. Samantha


There are massive advantages to being your own boss, this morning reminded me of them. 7.30am Wake up, (you've all been up for hours by this time and are already commuting) 7.45am Shower. 8.00am Breakfast - coffee 8.30am Switch on computer and open curtains 8.35am Notice how windy it is outside 8.40am Open all social media tabs 8.45am Check the news channels for important breaking news 8.50am More coffee 9.00am Open for business (whilst still wearing my dressing gown). Lots of random work including writing this blog post and drinking more coffee 12.00pm Close for business, get dressed and go out... How many of you got blown (what felt like) halfway round the world on your way to work this morning? (UK has very strong winds across the country right now) How smug am I sitting all wrapped up just looking at the wind blowing through the trees across the road? Oh I'm feeling very smug (and snug too) as the wind howls around my home. Although 12.00pm is looming which means I gotta go out! ;) Samantha.

New designs soon!

Thursday morning has arrived, not only that but it is now less than 48 hours to the launch of the newest designs. Any orders placed after the launch but before Christmas will receive a free gift worth £8. Now who is excited!? I really enjoy updating the website each month (yes I do it personally) although if it glitches on me I become a less polite person for a while, this is why I take the site offline an hour before launch, I can update in minutes but if there is a problem I need swearing time, coffee time, calming time and then correction time, an hour is usually enough. So think of me just before midnight tomorrow, and hope that I get through it all glitch free. Samantha.