Sloppy business

One of my pet hates is sloppy business. Why do some Companies feel that it is acceptable to say one thing and do another? If you cannot complete a task by a set time, tell the client/customer, don't just ignore them, don't promise something you know you are unable to deliver. Here at the boutique we will have your order ready and sent out to you within 5 working days, if it will take longer we will tell you immediately so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to continue with the order or not; we will also tell you approximately how long past the 5 days it will be if we have that information available to us but if it is a supplier problem with no firm date we will pass this information to you. Can you tell I've been hit by a sloppy business this week? There is just no need for it. All it does is make me look elsewhere and loses future business from me and the people I would potentially have sent their way. I don't name and shame so please don't ask, it is enough that I will never recommend them again. Samantha.