Evening post

The title is because I'm writing this in the evening instead of the usual morning slot and is nothing to do with the fact that we used to get postal deliveries in the evening, although that is a subject I could wax lyrical about for several hours, but I digress... I am blogging late as an experiment, to see if an evening post will reach more people via social media outlets, also I ran out of time this morning because I was designing. So tonight's topic is 'comfort drinks' What is your comfort drink? What do you turn to when you've had a rough day and you just want a hug in a mug? I head straight for the hot chocolate, if I can manage it I'll have  marshmallows floating around in there and whipped cream on the top. Ultimate decadence and comfort, I feel hugged already just talking about it. So go on, leave me a comment with your hug in a mug comfort drink. Samantha.