Creatives in the workplace

I have always struggled with this one particular word, Why are some people considered creative and others not? What is creative? Well the dictionary definition is adjective relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something. "change unleashes people's creative energy" noun a person whose job involves creative work. "the most important people in the mix will be creatives and direct marketing specialists" So how does a person become labelled as a creative? By getting a job that labels them as such, I never could, despite years of creativity I was never seen as a creative, then again I was never seen as a leader either so it just shows that many people in the top jobs of power haven't got a clue what is sitting in front of them asking for a job. Take a look at the person sitting next to you in the office/canteen/staff room/wherever and ask yourself, "Are they a creative?" Do they create something in their free time? Then ask yourself "Am I a creative?" Do  you create something in your free time? I'll bet they are and I'll bet you are too. Creatives are everywhere, they are everyone, don't let anyone tell you different. Samantha.