Big News

I have been furiously scurrying around all day organising something big at the very last minute! Unfortunately I can't tell you what it is quite yet. Of course with all the manic excitement this has caused I have no idea what to blog about today... 5th November - Bonfire night - Guy Fawkes - Gunpowder Plot... A lot of people would probably like to blow up Parliament again this year but of course there is probably nobody there anyway. When I was young we created a 'guy' with straw or paper stuffed clothes and a papier mache head, we would trot round the neighbourhood with our 'guy' propped in an old pram or pushchair or even a wheelbarrow and we would ask for 'a penny for the guy' folks always gave us something, and often praised our 'guy-making' abilities, the money would be pooled together with other kids and if we had enough an adult would take it and buy fireworks for a neighbourhood display, old wood would be used to build a bonfire and the 'guy' would be burnt on it. potatoes would be baked in the bottom of the bonfire and hooked out by an adult or older kid then we would stand watching the fireworks whilst juggling the potato from hand to hand as it was so hot! Sadly those days seem to be gone now or at least in my area nobody makes a guy and every household has their own fireworks set. I miss the old days. Samantha.