A new week

Every New Year we celebrate the end of one year and the start of a new one with 'New Year Resolutions', get fit, give up smoking, give up caffeine, walk to the shops instead of driving, (you know the type of thing) all of which invariably fail by the middle of January because, be honest, you drive to the shops because it's so darn cold out there, the stress of not having caffeine causing you to smoke twice as many and that causes you to go back on the caffeine! You've not re-mentioned the 'get fit' I hear you mutter, well be truthful now that was a big fat lie wasn't it? So how do I combat this and relate it to the boutique? Well each week is a 'New Year' I make resolutions that have to last just 7 days (much more realistic and manageable), they are generally simple, get 3 designs completed this week, stay positive this week, only drink 4 coffees each day this week (well there has to be 1 I fail at!) With this in mind I opened Facebook and Twitter this morning, prepared with a lovely funny picture and amusingly cheerful greeting, the first thing I saw however was the news that actress Lynda Bellingham had lost her fight with cancer and had not managed to survive for one more Christmas with her family. My witty and cheerful posts were dumped, I did not have the heart to post them, instead I posted about Lynda and shed a tear or two for her family. Now to get back on track. Samantha