Another week started already!

Can you believe how quickly we are getting through this month? It's really quite mad! Anyway, I have been working on a new project for the Boutique but it is not quite ready to share or announce in detail but I will say this... It is a new line that will utilise all our current designs. I would love to know what you think the new line is so please leave your suggestions in the comments! Samantha

Sloppy business

One of my pet hates is sloppy business. Why do some Companies feel that it is acceptable to say one thing and do another? If you cannot complete a task by a set time, tell the client/customer, don't just ignore them, don't promise something you know you are unable to deliver. Here at the boutique we will have your order ready and sent out to you within 5 working days, if it will take longer we will tell you immediately so that you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to continue with the order or not; we will also tell you approximately how long past the 5 days it will be if we have that information available to us but if it is a supplier problem with no firm date we will pass this information to you. Can you tell I've been hit by a sloppy business this week? There is just no need for it. All it does is make me look elsewhere and loses future business from me and the people I would potentially have sent their way. I don't name and shame so please don't ask, it is enough that I will never recommend them again. Samantha.

Music in the workplace.

So today I put my music on whilst working and I'm trying to decide if it is increasing my effectiveness or if it is distracting me, I'm certainly singing along with most of them (Simple Minds at the moment) but I'm still working and have almost completed my to do list for this morning, so I guess that means it works. This therefore begs the question, 'why do most companies not allow music in the office? I reckon if the boutique grew big enough for me to employ lots of staff in an office environment, I would have music playing and would actively encourage singing along (and even dancing to the printer or copier). How many people would want to work for me? How many people would never want to leave work? Just need to get this Company to GROW! (Listening to Live & Let Die now, it's a bit dramatic!) Samantha

The Website

WEBSITE! I hear you shout, WHAT WEBSITE? Well stop shouting and I'll tell you! Yes we do have a website, you can access it here, and thereby view and purchase our lovely bags. The reason I mentioned the website today is because I want to crow about the fact that I built it, myself, alone, with my poor worn out brain. I know lots of people build their own sites but many use a template or site building service, I didn't, I started a google site and pointed my domain name there and then set about trying to figure out coding etc. if an expert took a look at the coding on there they would probably pull their hair out and to be fair if I could I would have someone look it over and correct some things that slow it down. I see so many small business owners spend a small fortune for a site when they can hardly afford it and then they sit back and expect the sales to just pour in on their own, of course that doesn't happen, there are millions of sites out there now and to be seen you've got to fight, no matter how swanky your website is, nobody will find it unless you shout! Back to that shouting again... Oh well, see you soon! Samantha

Still flying.

Yes, the energy I had yesterday is still with me, I am flying through my to do list, in fact writing this post was number 9 on the list and as I write it, it is not yet 11 am! So down to business, I would like to ask you a question. I want to ask you to submit blog post topics for me, different ones, something to really get me thinking, nothing obscene or unsuitable for this blog though so no fifty shades thank you very much! What do you want to read about? Let me know and I'll do my best to create a blog post on your topic. (I wonder how many UK folks of a certain age are now trying to visualise me writing a blog post whilst sitting on a giant chocolate bar...) I worry about my brain sometimes. Samantha